What is Floating Therapy and What Can It Do For Me


You’ve probably heard the term, “floating therapy”, indeed, you might even be a floater, as this revolutionary health experience has rapidly gained popularity, especially in Perth, where the CBD stress levels can red line. If you’re not, however, and are intrigued by the high level of interest floating therapy is generating, here is a brief overview of this amazing experience (it isn’t a treatment) and some of the benefits it brings.

Silencing the Senses

Perhaps this is the best way to describe what happens when you immerse yourself in near-body temperature water that has a generous helping of Epsom salts – which is known to be great for the skin – and for the first time, your body simply floats. The sensation is not only very pleasurable, your muscles no longer have to work, and this has a positive effect on your inner self, and your nervous system actually gets to take a break. The nervous system transmits emotions and through sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, we interpret what is going on around us, and whether you are aware of it or not, your brain is always working away, making sense of what we see, hear and feel, yet when the body is immersed in a flotation tank, you can simply let go!

Float Therapy Centre

There was once a time when the only place you would find a flotation chamber was in a top scientific research facility, however, the cat is now firmly out of the bag, and if you happen to live in WA, there are state of the art float pods in Perth, where you can experience the wonders of being completely weightless. There is only one way to fully appreciate how this feels, or rather doesn’t, as the sensation of floating in a calm and serene ambience allows one’s inner self to simply drift away. The stresses and strains of urban life will vanish along with any feelings other than bliss, and this is a great way to replenish those energy batteries.

A Form of Meditation

Float therapy has been called a form of meditation, something many of us fail to fully understand, as true meditation is not about thinking of nothing, as this is impossible. Meditation involves focusing the mind on one thing, which might be your breathing, the rhythmic in and out, yet with floating, all your senses no longer need to report back to the brain, and you are deprived temporarily of your 5 senses, which gives you an inner peace that is hard to define.

Not only will you experience a strong sense of physical and mental well-being, your skin will be rejuvenated, thanks to the Epsom salts, and it happens to be great for hair, making it an all round winner, and once you have experienced a float pod, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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