Get back in shape after C section


Just after 9 months of carrying the heavy belly with your loved one inside it, you would eagerly wanted to get back to your previous shape. C sections usually take more time to recover our body when compared with the normal vaginal deliveries, the reason is that you have just gone through a major surgery and so the muscles and other things takes time in the recovery. With the correct balance of recovery, muscle work, light exercise and good eating, you’ll easily able to reach the goal weight and you will also be able to get back the strength and stamina which you will need to care for the new born.

Step 1

You must wait for the exercises untill your first check up after the delivery. It is quite possible that you will feel as if you are ready but your incision point needs time to heal the tissues. It usually take up to 5 to 6 weeks before you start light exercise and start making up your exercise routine.

Step 2

Initially you should start by strengthening and tightening the abdominal muscles with some breathing exercises that are specifically designed to make your abdominal muscle work. You can try performing these small exercises from the first day of your C-section. You just have to place your hands or you can even try a pillow over the C section site and then start breathing deeply and try filling up your diaphragm with best possible amount of air, then exhale slowly, try to repeat the same exercise until you start feeling that your muscle is tired. You can easily repeat the exercise as many times a day. There are people who go for ReShape Ready: gastric balloon weight loss as well which is also a good process.

Step 3

You must take the diet that is full of nutrients and are low in saturated or bad fat.  You should also ignore the excess amount of sugar intake. With this you will be able to lose weight and the nutrients of the food will support the healing process and will also help you in making sufficient amount of milk supply. You must choose whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits and low protein that have low fat. You can even try weight loss balloon so that you rapidly loose the weight.

Step 4

You should never ignore breastfeeding your baby. In a research it is found that the mothers who breastfeed the babies lose more weight when compared with the ones who ignore breast feeding. Breastfeeding is a natural process that will bring your body to the same weight as before. This will help your body to burn more amount of calories at the time of generating milk.

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