Want To Increase Fertility? Important Things You Must Know


Being fertile is significantly important in both men and women. Fertility problems affect over 15% of couples, making their lives miserable and depressing. Parenthood is challenging, but you will be at some comfort when you know you’re not the only one facing the challenges. Fortunately, boosting Bedford CARE Fertility through natural ways is not a hard task. Let’s discuss how men and women can become more fertile. 

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for overall physical and mental well-being, especially during conceiving time. Obese women may go through rigorous hormonal changes, leading to improper ovulation and menstrual cycles. It can also increase the risks of PCOS, which can further affect fertility capabilities. Obese men will have a decrease in sperm quality and testosterone levels. Having too less of body weight can damage the sperm production capability of the body. Maintaining a healthy weight will boost sperm production in men and promote proper ovulation in women. It also reduces the risks of further health complications. 

  • Quit Smoking: Smoking can make both men and women infertile. Smoking can damage the reproductive system of the body, chances of conception, and hormone production. Smoking can harm ovaries in women, reducing the production of eggs, leading to infertility. Additionally, smoking increases the risks of miscarriage and premature delivery. On the other hand, smoking can reduce sperm motility in men, decreasing fertility and reducing sperm count. Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction,  reducing the chances of conception. If you want to increase your fertility, you need to ensure you’re quitting smoking. Studies proved that couples who don’t smoke can leverage the best benefits of fertility treatments. 

  • Quit Alcohol: Apart from smoking, you also need to cut down on alcohol and caffeine. While moderate alcohol cannot affect the sperm count and the ovaries, heavy drinking will undoubtedly make you infertile. Excessive consumption of alcohol can affect hormonal balance in women, leading to irregularities in ovulation and menstrual cycles. In men, excessive alcohol can decrease sperm quality and overall testosterone levels. Similarly, overconsumption of caffeine can also reduce sperm production. Cutting down alcohol and caffeine intake can restore the normal hormone level and overall quality of the sperm. 

While fertility treatments can prove super effective at boosting fertility levels in the body, you need to consider the risks and side effects. Your body also needs to be capable of going through fertility treatments. Make sure you discuss this with your healthcare providers before going through any fertility treatments. 

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