The four main benefits of salt therapy/halotherapy


The Pink Himalayan salt is a very popular ingredient in food today because of its health benefits, however, a lot of people are using salt differently because of its health benefits? Recently, a lot of salt therapy rooms are popping out around Australia promising people a holistic way to treat several ailments naturally and it is even considered a good alternative medicine.

This is the salt therapy spa which is believed to have a lot of health benefits by inhaling salt. If you believe that inhaling salt is bad for your health, well, if you come to think of it, inhaling grains of salt will surely have left you choked and even get hospitalized, however, salt therapy does not work that way. Salt the therapy uses salt and the device that they call halogenator which grinds the salt into microscopic particles and it is released into the air of the room which is why salt therapy is also known as halotherapy.

So, how does halotherapy or salt therapy help you? Check out the rest of this article courtesy of the most popular salt therapy in Victoria & New South Wales which will give you the top four benefits of salt therapy.

  1. Treats respiratory ailments– There is a theory behind the salt therapy and its ability in improving you’re respiratory problems because the salt reduces the inflammation in your respiratory system and opens up a bigger passageway for your lungs to breathe in more air and get rid of the allergens that entered your body. It can treat asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis, Common cold, COPD, Cystic fibrosis, Ear infections, Sinusitis, and Smokers cough. According to those who have tried salt therapy spa and halotherapy, they immediately felt the relief and felt their lungs to be lighter and makes them easier to breathe compared to when they did not have this kind of therapy.
  2. Treats skin condition– According to the Salt Therapy Association, it helps fight different skin diseases and conditions because of salt contains natural healing substances which are used even in the ancient times to disinfect and treat various wounds and infections. It can treat skin conditions like Acne, Aging, Dermatitis, Dry, flaky skin, Eczema, Itching, Psoriasis, Rashes and Rosacea.
  3. Helps boost the immune system– There is a very good reason why the salt is usually the main ingredient in preserving food because it contains antimicrobial properties which are very effective in killing bacteria and germs that harms the food and of course the body. There has been a lot of research that proved salt reduces the contamination of bacteria in food. In salt therapy, it has the ability to boost our immune system to fight sickness and disease after research was conducted about bronchitis patients who underwent salt therapy which was found out that they had improved lung function compared to before they were applied with such therapy.
  4. Holistic healing approach– It is an effective and natural way to heal different conditions, which is way more holistic compared to synthetic therapy that contains harmful drugs which in the long run could give a person bad side effects. It is very therapeutic because of the salt that the person breath is broken down into micro-particles which treat the body from different ailments. Aside from treating respiratory ailments, it is also good to provide healthier skin condition, better sleep, and improved physical fitness and endurance to the person who regularly has salt therapy sessions. To know more All About Salt Therapy, click on the link.
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