Make Sure You Know These, Before You Buy Body Supplements Online


Many people think that supplements are a substitute for a balanced diet. However that is not so. No matter how balanced our diet is, it may lack some nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. The supplements are taken to compensate this lack and often consumed together with our meals. In Europe dietary surveys conducted in various countries have suggested that there are suboptimal intake for several nutrients. Many people inadequate quantities of Vitamin A, C, D, folic acid, iodine, calcium and iron. On an average these deficiencies are more seen in women than in men. Poor iron status in women have increased the risk of infants being born with low weight, less brain development and blood related ailments. Recent study also suggest that 50-70% Europeans suffer from lack of Vitamin D. The reason may be due to the lack of sun and also on the diet. On an average the surveys concluded that based on age, the public needs to buy nutrition supplements online from the following categories:

  • People over age of 50 need nutrition supplement of Vitamin D, B 12 and folate and low dose multivitamin supplements.
  • Women of child bearing age need folic acid along with iron and vitamin D supplements.
  • Breastfeeding women require a lot of vitamin D.
  • People with skin condition would also require vitamin D supplements.
  • Vegans would require vitamin B 12 and vitamin D 2.
  • People with eye conditions can consume Vitamin A and cod liver oil supplements.
  • In general children should not be given supplements but in extreme cases they may require vitamin A, C and D. This must always be done under the supervision of a good pediatric doctor.

How Much Should You Consume

Ideally it is very important for everyone to read the label and the instructions that come with the supplements. You should never increase the dosage of these products. In case you missed a dose, you should move on to the next dosage without increasing the amount. Manipulating the dosage can have serious mal effects in your body.

Side Effects When Dosage Is Not Maintained

All body supplements online or offline come with dosage instructions. The repeated stress on dosage should never be undermined. You must be aware of what will happen to your body if you choose to ignore those instructions:

  • Excessive amounts can cause birth defects.
  • Many body building supplements may cause liver damage leading to jaundice and prolonged illness.
  • The excess amount may be accumulated in your body over a long period of time casing tumors.
  • A higher intake of the supplements may not be absorbed by the body and hence lose its effectiveness.
  • Higher intake can also lead to stomach cramps, vomiting and constipation.
  • Kidney failure can occur.
  • It can also cause heart problems and seizures.
  • Many supplements also contain steroids. Hence an irregular consumption can lead to the opposite of what supplements are used for.
  • Consuming too much protein supplements can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Hepatocellular damage may also occur in some.
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