What You Must Know about Travel Doctors


Travel doctors are doctors who are adept about conditions that are found all over the globe. They are instrumental in providing preventive care to travelers before they leave home. William L. Sutker, MD, the chief of infectious diseases at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas has his own definition of a travel doctor. He said that it is the role of a travel doctor Melbourne for instance to assess the health risks that a patient may face while traveling to specific geographic areas.

The services and benefits that can be received from the medical centre and travel doctors cannot beacquired from any website online. A travel doctor can look at you personally and assessyour physical condition, and not merely one aspect of one’s health. Travel doctors are also updated on the current health issues of the world and the immunization required in different countries around the world.

The risks according to Sutkerdo not only depend on the locations but also on the health of the individual. The travel doctor is responsible for prescribing medications and also vaccines that are highly recommended for the trip.

It is easier to find a travel doctor in large cities compared to the small ones. There are however different places to find one. A good start will be the local public health department. The center may have listings of all doctors and nurses who are practicing travel medicine. They may also refer you to the most suitable doctor.

There are also private medical clinics that can meet the needs of both the public in general and the business community. You can find any private travel clinic around the country by simply contacting two professional organizations: the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Once you have planned the trip, it’s better to contact a private travel clinic or see a travel doctor right away. Some of the vaccinations and medications have to be taken four to six weeks before departure.

You have to remember that there are several aspects that are taken up during a pre-travel consult. A travel doctor does not only assess the risks in those destinations but also the pre-existing risks. If there are medical conditions, they are also addressed during the pre-travel consult. Patients will be asked to name all the medications they are taking to avoid any adverse interaction with what may be prescribed for the trip. It is also handy to bring the itinerary for the doctor to provide the necessary advice.

Travel doctors advise that when going to mosquito-laden area it is better to always use an insect repellent that contains DEET. It is a well-studied insect repellent known to be the safest. It has to contain from 30 to 50 percent of DEET. This will be applied every four hours on the exposed parts of the body.

They also advise to eat only fully cooked and steaming foods when traveling to developing countries. Water must come from a sealed container and fruits must be peeled by yourself, not peeled by another person.

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