Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Limit Chance Of Varicose Veins


The varicose veins is a medical condition when the veins under the leg area become swollen, sometimes appear twisted and bulged. This is one of the most common problems that develop in people as they age. A recent survey reported about 25% of adults are having the varicose veins. The swollen, though not severely painful, but still pinching.

The diagnosis of the varicose veins by a qualified doctor from London varicose veins treatment clinic. The doctor will thoroughly examine the legs by checking out its moments, the veins are generally visible blue that can be viewed standing and sitting. Your orthopaedic surgeon will probably ask to undergo the ultrasound test to determine the flow of blood into the legs. It let you see if the blood is smoothly flowing throughout the veins.

Lifestyle Changes:

By making a few tweaks to your lifestyle you can deter varicose veins condition to develop. The varicose veins develop or become worse with time owing to the following-

  • It is highly recommended to avoid standing for longer durations, especially if you are experiencing pain for quite some time.
  • Try to shed off some pound or maintain your weight in line with the BMI readings.
  • Exercise helps in boosting the flow of blood into the veins. However, it is highly recommended to reach out to a reputed London varicose veins treatment clinic to know the safe exercise to do daily, at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.
  • Make use of the compression socks; speak to your doctors on this to avoid this.
  • If you have developed the varicose condition, then you prevent the condition from getting worse with time. Ideally, it is best to elevate the legs when you are resting or sleeping.

Treatments Of The Varicose Veins:

Varicose veins don’t always require the patient to seek orthopaedic care, especially if you aren’t having any sort of discomfort. But, if your case is severe, then it is imperative to consult a specialist for advice. Firstly, your doctor will recommend three-to-six months self-care at home along with taking prescribed medicines. Avoid standing for longer durations, certain exercises are recommended, and keep the leg elevated while sleeping. If your varicose veins are still giving complications, then your orthopaedic surgeon will ask you to undergo correction surgery based on your overall health, shape, size and severity of the varicose veins problem.

If the lifestyle changes don’t let you free from severe pain, then surgery will be recommended to correct the problem. The invasive problem is advised on the rarest of rare case. It is best if you speak to the doctor regarding the best treatment options available and risks associated with it.

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