Essentials for the new mother and the baby


Once one reaches the last trimester of pregnancy, and the delivery of the baby is in a few days then one needs to make a comprehensive list to make some last minute shopping.

The hospital bag for having a baby should have something musts for both the baby and the new mother. Here is an idea of what one might need.

For the baby:

  • A couple of under shirts where one can mix some long sleeve and short sleeve and the ratio of it will depend on the season when the baby is born.
  • Few pieces of stretchy sleepers or zippers which will be comfortable enough to wear.
  • Few pair of pants.
  • A couple of pairs of socks.
  • 2 pairs of scratch mittens so that the baby can stay away from scratching their face and do not get unnecessary cuts on their faces.
  • A baby nail file so that their nails do not grow up much (because if it does, then they might hurt themselves).
  • Few cardigans if the baby is born in winter.
  • Hats and cotton scarves if the baby is born in summer.
  • Detergent to wash baby’s clothes but one has to check the ingredients in it because there should not be many chemicals in them.
  • Cotton balls because cleaning the baby with wet and warm cotton balls can be the best and easiest thing possible. This is also a very hygienic way of cleaning the baby’s eyes and this is a gentle approach as well.
  • 2 cotton blankets to cover up the baby.
  • Loads of bibs.
  • A breast pump.
  • A thermal bottle carrier.

For the mother:

  • Witch hazel pads; because they give a lot of relief when the baby is born. One can just fix one or 2 in their underwear on top of the maxi pads and they provide a lot of cooling relief to the new mother.
  • No matter how good your diapers are and how frequently you change them one will definitely experience a few blow outs. As a result one needs a proper stain remover so that it can remain clean.
  • One bleeds a lot when the baby is born. So the under wears will be spoilt for sure. One can just buy a few cotton under wears which are stretchy so that they can throw them out if they get blood stained.
  • Maxi pads are very essential in this time because these maxi pads with wings will prevent leaking and they are very useful.
  • Some soothing gel pads because even if one feels some tender and soreness in sensitive areas, they can get relief from that. Also it provides some relief to the aching breasts.
  • Nipple creams because when one is breast feeding, then the nipple become dry often. It can also feel hurt because of overuse. A cream will keep them soft and warm.

The hospital bag for new mom should also contain a few breast pads.

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