The Five Fast Facts You Had No Idea About Vasectomies


Many men find the idea of going through a vasectomy operation distressing, although it is a very efficient method of contraception for men. The information in the following article about vasectomy may have surprised you and impacted your decision to have the surgery done.

Every year, some 500,000 American men choose to have vasectomies, but a sizable section of the male population is unaware of the surgery. You can decide whether or not a Vasectomy Brooklyn, New York is the best course of action for your objectives and way of life by considering the following information regarding the surgery.

The most successful method of male contraception after abstinence is a vasectomy.

Vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control currently available. You read that right. 0.1% of women who have had vasectomy procedures become pregnant.

Its effects don’t happen right away. Results from vasectomies take time to manifest. Pregnancy is still possible since there is still sperm above the vasectomy site that hasn’t left the body. The use of additional birth control should continue until a semen sample reveals that there are no sperm in ejaculate fluid, usually two months following the operation.

When there are no sperm in your semen, and the vasectomy is effective as birth control, your doctor will let you know. Unprotected intercourse is not advised until your doctor clears it.

As far as the performance of your sexual organ or desire is concerned, there will be no negative effects. Following a vasectomy, men can still produce semen with no apparent changes to its volume or other properties. Although sex drive and feeling are unaffected physiologically by vasectomies, some men say that their desire is heightened due to the stress a prospective pregnancy had on them being relieved.

The recovery period following a vasectomy is only a few days longer. Unless your profession needs significant physical exertion, you won’t need to miss any time at work. Within a week, you’ll be able to get back to your regular workout schedule with little difficulty. The use of over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses can effectively treat soreness.

If you get a vasectomy, you are essentially fixing your problem for good. The effects of vasectomies cannot be undone. People must understand they should not have the procedure done if they anticipate wanting children in the future.

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