Purpose of Substance Abuse Evaluation and What to Expect


Depending on the state that the first incident occurred, the loss will vary. Still, overall, the general process of receiving a DUI will involve having a substance abuse test at some point.

It is typically defined as one of the preconditions for receiving diversion if you have been the recipient of such a program. These evaluations are mostly overseen by a legal authority involved with the state or federal authorities.

The types of assessments that you will need to complete will depend on what exactly the court has ordered you to receive.

Structure Of The Substance Abuse Test

Each program will have a different overall structure, but the entire purpose of the content will be the same. A SAP will determine if there is an issue with substance abuse in the person that is undergoing the procedure.

If a person is in court for something like a DUI, they will want to have some evidence to see if the person has been evaluated. This will help to determine what the impact of the court proceedings will be.

There is typically a timeframe associated with the completion of this process. Because it is a court matter, there is a time-dependent nature to it.

Results Of A Substance Abuse Test

The results of one of these could vary depending on exactly what it is that you have done. Each state will have a certain requirement for what you need to have completed.

If you need to go to certain types of meetings, then you will need to complete those and have them checked off by a counselor. Some states will require that you need to complete certain types of treatment programs if you have been termed a person who is at risk of a substance abuse disorder.

What To Do If You Need A Substance Abuse Evaluation

If you have been in the process of completing a substance abuse program that will determine the outcome of a court matter, then it is important that you understand exactly what is being asked of you.

Ensure that you complete all the requirements on time because if you do not, you could accidentally violate your probation without realizing it if you have been put on such a sentencing program.

You must comply with all the legal requirements before you are successfully marked as having completed it.

Final Thoughts Regarding A Substance Abuse Evaluation

If you do not know what to think about when you are undergoing paying evaluation like this, then you need to look at what the acquirements are in your state.

You do not want to have two pay for any treatment that you are not required to receive. This will be a waste of money if it is not required.

Make sure that you look at all the details from your court documents if you have been sentenced to a program that involves some type of evaluation or testing like this.

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