MRI Hyderabad-Process, Measures Limitations And Safety


The developments in medical sciences are just a mirror of miracles and astonishments. It has utilized the basic concepts of science to develop advanced means of treatment and testing. The diseases which had no cure or equipment to test are now treated well with surety. MRI is one of such advanced medical test that is done to capture and obtain a detailed image of the human body.

What is MRI? How is it performed?

MRI or Magnetic Resource Imaging is a simple type of scan which involves the use of two very basic concepts of physics, namely magnetic field and radio waves. The scan is sufficient enough to draw the comprehensive images from inside of the body. The results of the scan are used in the diagnosis of internal organs. The process of MRI is simple and accurate and contains no harm but includes some precautions to be taken.

The scanner involved is a huge tube that is inbuilt with large and powerful magnets. The patients are put inside the tube while scanning is done. The basic process that happens during an MRI goes with putting you on the bed that moves inside the scanner.The body will move inside based onthe part being scanned. The Person carrying out scan is a radiographer. The further processing is done by the computer which is placed away from the MRI machine. The scanner can make loud noises which are made by an electric current of coils. The patients are given with headphones to help with this. The scan takes about 15 minutes to 1 and a half hour ranging with parts and scans.

What are the safety measures taken?

The process of MRI scan is simple, secure and painless. People can get a little discomfort but the radiographer is present to counsel and help and making it swift.  There are no risks to the human body with the associated magnetic field exposure. But some medical exceptions are suggested not to take an MRI scan. These include people with artificial joint or during pregnancy. The following preparations are done before an MRI scan:

  • Removal of metal objects like lockets, jewellery or bracelets from body
  • It is suggested to wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Some people are also injected with contrast material
  • You are also injected with an injection in some cases to avoid the nervousness

What are the different parts that can be scanned with an MRI?

An MRI is recommended by a doctor in case the normal tests fail to give any satisfactory reasons for your health issues. These scans are capable of scanning almost every body part. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Brain
  • Spinal cord
  • Bones
  • Joints
  • Heart
  • Blood vessels
  • Internal organs

The results produced can be used in the assessment of the required treatment.

Is MRI scan different from CT scan?

MRI scans and CT scans are both involved with the capture of body images but still, they contain some difference. An MRI scan uses radio waves while a CT scan uses X-rays. Both procedures are with no risks involved, but the suggestion for any of these will be dependent on the type of case.

The difference based on results can be evaluated on the following points:

  • MRI scans are less expensive, but CT scans are faster
  • MRI produces a more comprehensive image

The use of any of these scans will be dependent on the prescription of doctor based on the symptoms.

What are the risks and benefits involved?

The benefits involved with an MRI scan are:

  • It is a noninvasive technique of imaging body parts
  • The method is accurate and produces detailed images of organs
  • It is tested to provide appropriate results in different medical conditions
  • There are no risks or allergies associated with the scan like the other scanning methods
  • It provides a better alternative to x-ray, angiography and CT diagnostics.

There are no risks that are associated with MRI; however, some precautions are listed below:

  • The safety guidelines can eliminate any risk involved.
  • The patients are given sedation; however, its effects are monitored and minimized.
  • A magnetic field does not carry any harm with it; however implanted medical equipment or devices can cause a problem during the scan.
  • There can be slight allergies if contrast materials are used in the injection.

What are the limitations?

MRI scan carries some limitations which are listed below:

  • The quality of images can be good only if the body holds still
  • A large person may find it difficult to get inside the scanning machine
  • Metallic materials or implants can create complications in scanning
  • Breathing can cause distortions during chest, abdomen or pelvis scanning
  • Pregnant women are advised not to take an MRI scan.
  • It costs a little more than normal tests can also take more time

What are the MRI centres in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the city with the best medical facilities and testing centres. Many centres provide the facility of MRI scan in Hyderabad. There are various centres to go for mri Hyderabad which can accurately perform an MRI scan. These centres are equipped with the best facilities and proper safety measure to assure you a successful MRI scan with 100% accuracy.

What is the cost of an MRI scan?

The cost of an MRI scan is dependent on the procedure followed by the centre. The price consists of two fees:

  • Primary fees: The cost of the actual procedure
  • Technical fees: The cost of the technique involved in the scan
  • Professional fees: It is the fee of the radiologist who performs the test

The price of an MRI scan will also depend on the part being scan, like the scan of a smaller body part will cost less than a bigger body part. A mri scan cost in Hyderabad will depend on the same factors. Also, the scan cost will be different in different locations depending on the advanced techniques and machinery.

An MRI scan is highly beneficial in the accurate scanning of the body parts. It is the scan that holds the security and safety of a patient without any risks. However, the selection of a proper and advanced MRI centre is also responsible for the best results.

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