How Can A Foot And Ankle Surgeon Help?


Foot and Ankle surgeons treat and perform surgeries related to the conditions of the foot and ankle. They diagnose the conditions of the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves of the foot and ankle. They also significantly overlap with the podiatric.

Foot and ankle surgeons can perform surgeries related to total ankle replacement, arthritis and congenital and acquired deformities. These specialists work in tandem with other specialists, including podiatric, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and biomechanists. They are experts at treating complicated cases into a comprehensive treatment plan for the patient’s needs. They also perform various types of orthopedic surgeries. Here is a list of how a foot and ankle surgeon Alamo Heights can help you.

Bracing And Orthotics

Sometimes your foot and ankle require support to heal appropriately. Foot and ankle surgeons will help you strengthen your muscles and joints by providing customised orthodontics to support and ease comfort during the recovery period.

Sprains And Fractures

A foot and ankle surgeon can correctly diagnose a sprain and fracture any day and give you the correct treatment to recover and heal.

Complications Of Diabetes

A foot and ankle surgeon can quickly identify the warning signs of diabetic foot problems. They will manage the diabetic foot infection and cure foot wounds and ulcers.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is heel pain caused by injury to the muscles at the bottom of your foot. A series of treatment options are available at the hands of foot and ankle surgeons ranging from physical therapy and injections to the latest in heel spur surgery.

Peripheral Arterial Disease 

Sometimes not any activity causes an injury to your feet, instead it is the result of a vascular problem. A foot and ankle doctor can team up with cardiovascular doctors to help manage peripheral arterial disease.


You would need to see the foot and ankle surgeons when you experience any deformity or injury in your ankle and foot. They use innovative surgical methods to treat their patients. Other patients can also get non-surgical treatment options depending on the needs of each case. Surgical treatments include joint replacements, which take years of training to get perfect. They can restore otherwise impossible mobility. These surgeons are also adept at treating stress fractures. This is seen commonly in the runners and athletes associated with strenuous sports like basketball, volleyball or tennis. You will need to see a qualified and skilled ankle and foot surgeon for the best possible treatment.

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