Everything To Know About Almonds, Its Benefit, and Uses


Out of the many types of nuts that you can choose from, almonds are considered one of the most popular. So if you are considering to add this to your list of favorites, then you should not only because they are delicious, but also because they are packed with nutrients that are good for your health. If you want to know more about almonds, their benefits, as well as their uses, then you have come to the right place.

All About Almonds

Do almonds come from a tree? Yes, and they are a type of a tree nut. They grow on fruit trees, the almond trees, or “Prunus dulcis.” The edible part is the ones covered inside the cream-colored shells that are covered by a gray-green and fuzzy hull. And when the fruit ripens, the hull splits, then the shell drops. The fruit is oblong in shape and has a dark brown color. Compared to other types of nuts, almonds have a milder flavor.

Different Uses of Almonds

When it comes to culinary uses, almonds can be used in different ways. In fact, this is one of the most versatile nuts that you can have in your pantry. They are not only popular as a snack food, but also as an ingredient for different recipes. Here’s what you can try:

  • Snack Food. Commonly, almonds are eaten as a snack. In fact, they are the most popular tree nuts that anyone can eat plain. Others also enjoy eating almonds raw or roasted and warmed or at room temperature. While some would prefer to have it salted, mixed to a trail mix, or even coated with chocolate.
  • Garnish Over Salads. If you love sweet green salads then you can definitely incorporate almonds over them. If you check out nutstop.com, you will notice that there are different ways to eat almonds – whole or sliced. You can add it over your green salad for added crunchy texture and protein.
  • Pair with Dessert. Because almonds have a mild taste, it will pair well with various desserts of different flavors. Also, you can add it whole, sliced, or slivered. They are usually mixed with nougat. Some use almonds as a garnish on top of cakes and other pastries.

Storing Tips for Almonds

Storing almonds is easy. All you need is to store them in an airtight container and in a cool and dry place. Also, they will stay good inside the refrigerator for a couple of months and even up to two years when kept inside the freezer. But remember to keep them away from smelly foods and ingredients like onions and garlic because they like to absorb odors.

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