Constipation and the Solutions with CBD


Maybe you suffer from constipation? Nothing more widespread, indeed, than this commonplace disorder, which doctors define by the emission of less than three stools per week for at least several months in a row? In fact, constipation affects about one in five people.

And while it is more common among women and older adults than among other adults, it is also seen in babies, especially those who are bottle-fed. In children, it is not uncommon, especially among those who “hold back” because they do not like going to the bathroom at school. What are the causes of constipation? The CBD Suppositories can be quite important here.

Constipation: what is its origin?

The mechanisms involved in the occurrence of constipation are varied:

  • Some constipations result from slowing down the progression of food along the colon (large intestine)
  • In others, there are difficulties with bowel evacuation in the rectum (the terminal part of the colon) and the anus (“terminal constipation”)
  • Sometimes, finally, both types are associated
  • Constipation may be occasional or chronic (when observed for more than six months)
  • Hygiene of life and intestinal transit

Most often, constipation is due to the lifestyle:

  • Prolonged bed rest
  • Lack of exercise
  • Drinks in too small quantities
  • An unbalanced diet or insufficiently rich in fiber provided by cereals, vegetables and fruits
  • Inadequate chewing during meals
  • Remember to go to the bathroom when the urge is felt

By adopting a healthier lifestyle, consuming a little bran if you tolerate it, and drinking heavily, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Some constipation is due to the development of a digestive tumor or an inflammatory disease that hinders the passage of food in the digestive tract. This is why you should be wary if this disorder is recent, if you have lost weight or blood in your stool.

Travel and medications can be the cause of constipation

Certain circumstances particularly favor the appearance of this disorder, such as trips abroad (at least before the appearance of a possible “tourist “!). At this level, both the lack of activity and the changes in diet caused by life in another country are involved. Remember to drink to protect yourself against this problem.

Some medications can also contribute to the development of constipation , such as those used to fight Parkinson’s disease , depression , hypertension , heart disease or pain (morphine). If you are taking a treatment, remember to look at the instructions for use of the drug and do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

In addition, do not abuse laxatives. Your gut might become lazy and not contract anymore. You would then develop obstinate constipation.

Irritable bowel, stress and constipation

Constipation is also associated with an “irritable bowel “, subject to bloating and stomach pain. In this case, it is not uncommon for constipation to alternate with diarrhea. This syndrome is particularly observed in anxious people and it is more common in case of stress, and after consumption of fat, cabbage. It is treated by relaxation and antispasmodic drugs.

Far more rarely, constipation is a complication of infantile malformations, thyroid diseases, diabetes, or accompanies a neurological or general condition.

Constipation in pregnant women

Pregnancy predisposes to constipation. Indeed, the reduction of intestinal contractions caused by hormonal changes and compression of the colon by the uterus combines to slow down the transit and make it more difficult to transmit feces. The principles of prevention are, in pregnant women, identical to those that other women must respect and are also based on the consumption of drinks, fruits and vegetables as well as on the market.

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