CBD Oil: Understanding, Extraction Methods and More


Natural remedies will gain momentum in the world today. Cannabidiol or CBD is the highly discussed product of them. The effectiveness is proven by many highly regarded studies. What’s CBD Oil and how it is produced and beneficial effects that it can exert on your body?

What’s Cannabidiol (or CBD Oil)?

Probably every person has heard of marijuana (or cannabis). It is the known psychoactive drug that can be used for the recreational or medicinal purposes. Also, some people might become very addicted to this, thus in a lot of countries this is prohibited. But, cannabis has many substances that might have some healthful effects.

CBD oil Ontario belongs to a group of the cannabinoid substances that have cannabis. Principal Cannabinoid responsible for the narcotic elements of marijuana is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This causes “high” feeling, and impairs ability to drive as well as leads to the intoxication of your body. But, CBD isn’t the psychoactive substance and will not cause any kind of addiction. Thus, it is successfully used for treating some conditions, like pain, without any risks to your mental health.

How’s CBD Oil Made?

The product is made from cannabis. Many oil extraction techniques are been used by the manufacturers. Every method has got its benefits and drawbacks; but, some have the safety profile or are quite effective. The primary purpose of the cannabidiol extraction is getting the concentrated product. The cannabinoids have oily structure, thus their separation will lead to formation of the thick oil. For this reason, CBD oil Ontario has actually received the well-known name. The texture and purity of an extracted substance mainly depends on production technology that is used.

Cannabinoids in cannabis are of the terpenophenolic nature. Because of this, they are dissolved in alcohol (or ethanol) and water. Looking at these considerations, producers make use of both the ethanol-based substances as well as solvents, which are highly powerful for the oil dissolution. The supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2 in fluid), hydrocarbons (the compounds of carbon and hydrogen), ethanol, as well as olive oil are generally used for the CBD extraction.

CO2 Extraction

This particular method is the common ones, and very safe. Generally CO2 is the gas. But, with help of the elevated temperature as well as high pressure, this reaches the supercritical state, where the density is of liquid, and surface and viscosity tension are of a gas.

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