What is Classed as a Dental Emergency?


Unlike general health, an emergency dental issue is hardly life threatening, but it can be extremely painful, and abscesses can easily infect the blood if not attended to. A dental emergency would include the following scenarios:

  • Unseated tooth – If possible, locate the tooth and without holding the root section, rinse the tooth in water and keep it a container of milk, while looking for emergency dental services in Cardiff. Failing that, try to reseat the tooth and keep it in position in your mouth until you can get to an emergency dentist
  • Painful Abscess – Typically forming on the gum line, an infection such as this would cause swelling and would be very painful to the touch. The pus must be released by lancing and then the interior is cleaned out and you are put on a course of antibiotics.
  • Broken Tooth – Children are susceptible to accidents, and sometimes a tooth is broken, which can be repaired with veneer, or if the chip was considerable, perhaps a crown would be the best solution.
  • Broken Dentures – If a person’s dentures get damaged, and they do, you would try to get effective repairs as soon as possible.

There are no after-hours dental clinics, but some dental clinics hold several appointment slots specifically to be used in the event of a dental emergency, and every community would have at least one dental clinic that accepts emergency cases.

Any person suffering with severe toothache should seek the help of an emergency dentist as soon as possible, and after an examination, the dentist would recommend a treatment.

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