What Are the Options for Missing Teeth?


If you lost a tooth playing sports and are faced with the prospect of wearing a late, there are other options. Dentures are not only worn by the elderly, many people have lost a single tooth and wear a plate, and the good thing about dentures is that they are removable, which is great for cleaning, and with reliable denture services in Pinner, any repairs can be quickly carried out.

  • Crown – If the root of the tooth is intact, a crown can be inserted, but this is not always possible. A crown is used when the roots are healthy, and the dentist drills a peg out of the remaining tooth, onto which a prosthetic tooth is fitted.
  • Dental Implants – Expensive yes, but implants offer a permanent solution, for anything from a single tooth to a complete set of upper and lower teeth.
  • Dentures – The most common form of replacing missing teeth, the dentures are created to fit you perfectly, and with a little adhesive in the morning, your dentures will see you through the day. They are quite easy to damage, a drop might cause the resin to crack, but with a denture repair centre nearby, you are only hours from a repair.

If you lose a tooth, locate it and avoid touching the root while putting it in a small container of milk, which gives you the best chance of having the tooth reset.

Dentures are the most popular solution for missing teeth, and your dentist can take some impressions and get the manufacturing process going, and within a short time, your smile is restored.

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