Using the soaps and creams with expertise


Hyper pigmentation and acne pimples are common problems seen in human beings. These problems are a source of embarrassment and should be taken care of by the application of cream soaps and face wash. Regular use of face wash, No scar skin cream and soaps help to lighten the scars and then remove them completely. No scar cream is advised by doctors after carefully diagnosing the cause of scars.

No scar cream is applied on the skin in the following conditions

  1. Hyper pigmentation
  2. Scars due to pimples and acne
  3. Skin conditions like eczema psoriasis
  4. Itching skin
  5. Scars due to pregnancy
  6. Swelling and redness of the skin

Active ingredients of No scar cream

  1. Hydroquinone
  2. Mometasone
  3. Tretinoin

How do the ingredients work upon scars?

The active ingredients work upon the scars by inviting the action of the enzyme tyrosinase which in turn inhibits the production of melanin that is the cause of scars and hyper pigmentation.

Method of Application of No scar cream for pimples

Over dosage- the cream should be applied 2 times daily. It should be applied regularly and one should avoid over dosage of cream as it contains tretinoin and it could be harmful to the skin.

Missing the dosage- if a person misses the dose of the cream any day then he or she should not apply the same cream in more quantity as advised by the doctor.

How to apply the cream? The face should be cleaned properly by the use of face wash or soap and dried completely before applying the No scar face cream. Massage cream on the affected area and do not wet it at least for 3 to 4 hours. You should avoid going out in the sun. The harmful ultraviolet rays may worsen the condition.

Precautions to be taken- the cream should be stored under normal temperature. It should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. One should avoid contact with eyes nose and mouth when applying the cream. If accidentally the cream enters the eyes or mouth, you should rinse the mouth with water. The cream should be applied in the required dose according to the instructions on the label of the cream. Pregnant breastfeeding ladies should avoid the application of a cream. You should consult a doctor and relate the family history and allergy to a specific ingredient. Sometimes active ingredients have an adverse effect on the skin.

The cream is effective in lightening the scars as it stops the production of melanin. It works within 2-3 weeks of application. The person should avoid the overuse of the cream. Itching and swelling of the skin are also cured by the application of the cream. Extreme dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis are also cured by the use of this cream. Wrinkles, blemishes and brown patches on the skin due to the use of hormonal pills are also cured by the application of this cream. The face cream is available easily on chemist shops and online also. It is affordable and fits into your budget. The cream is thick in consistency and can be applied evenly on the skin. The skin remains healthy and glowing after the use of this cream.

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