Types of America Home Health Care Services


Home health care is a category of home health care that can also be called care or home care and is based on the full interaction of the professional with the patient, his / her family and the caregiver, when it exists. It is a set of outpatient activities, scheduled and continued in the home and can be instrumented by the visit or hospitalization.

Home care and home health care are activities with several aspects in common, but they differ in practice. Home health care differs in that it is a broad modality that involves actions to promote health in its entirety, including the practice of economic, social and health policies, which influence the health-disease process of individuals, as well as involving preventive and assistance actions of the other categories that includes (care, visit and hospitalization). Home health care is a category directly related to professional work at home, which can be operationalized through the visit and home hospitalization,

The home visit is a category of home health care that prioritizes the diagnosis of the individual’s reality and educational actions. It is a fundamental intervention instrument in family health and in the continuity of any form of home health care and / or care, being programmed and used with the purpose of subsidizing interventions or planning actions.

Home hospitalization, in turn, is a more specific category, which involves the use of technological apparatus at home, according to the needs of each individual, being characterized by the permanence of the health team in the residence for at least four hours a day, with continuous monitoring.

Home health care transforms institutionalized health practices offered at All American Healthcare, aiming to build a new professional action based on the insertion of health professionals in the place of life, interactions and relationships of individuals, in their community and, especially, at home; therefore, to consider the households’ home context. Learn more about America Home Health at https://myallamericancare.com/.

When entering this space, the professional inserts itself in order to develop his actions and interactions with the family, avoiding to consider only the problems presented by the patient; but also looking at the social factors (economic, spiritual and cultural), the resources available in the house, the hygiene and safety conditions, the degree of clarification of the family. Thus, it is up to the professional, in his interdisciplinary work, to attend to all these issues and act with a view to the integrality of his actions.

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