Things about sex that you need to be aware before and after pregnancy


For every marriage sex is important as it can ruin your relationship. But things do change at a considerable level when you become pregnant. This replicates the same situation where medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy would put on curb on some activities. It is not like neurological disorders after pregnancy that sex is a subject which most of us are shy to ask. A general notion among the first time mothers is whether sex is safe for the baby. No sooner than letter as part of your term this could pose a lot of queries. Let us answer some of the questions and provide you with reassuring answers.

Is sex a safe practice when you are pregnant?

As per medical experts sex and pregnancy have a hand in glove relation. From the first to the last trimester for pregnancy it is rated to be safe. Considering the fact that this combination is assuring and free from complications. The fetus of a baby is filled up with amniotic fluid which goes on to act as a shock absorber. The entry point of your cervix is being sealed by a mucus plug when you are pregnant. But if a pregnancy is devoid of complications there is no need to worry about.

Could sperm post any impact on your little one?

The sperm of your partner does not pose any major risk to your baby. But the situation changes if they are carrying STD or even HIV.

Could sex lead to a scenario of early labor?

There is a divided opinion on this, but most of the doctors are of the opinion it will. In case if you happen to be overdue then it might encourage labor and no major harm occurs. In case if you feel that the water has been broken then do not indulge in sex.

Does your heartbeat increase during sex? Will it cause any harm to my baby?

No way as the extra oxygen that is circulating in your body seems beneficial for a developing baby.

Some points to keep in mind when you are having sex

Sex as an option when pregnant involves a lot of considerations

  • To a uterine wall the placenta may attach itself which enhances scope of preterm labor. At such a point the caregiver will provide you with advice on what to avoid.
  • If you are indulging in penetrative sex it is not going to cause harm to your child. This is till the point when you are free from sexually transmitted infections and it is important that you indulge in safe sex when you are pregnant. If you feel any risk of STD when you are pregnant stick to the use of a condom.
  • At the same time doctors ask you to stay away from anal sex when you are pregnant. In addition the doctors ask you to keep a distance from oral sex

These are some precautious you need to consider while pregnant.

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