The Fragrance Wheel 101: Shop by Scent


Are you having difficulty narrowing down your favorite essential oil and feel a bit overwhelmed encountering enormous options? The main reason being oblivious of their fragrances. Seriously, how would a first-timer know what Cajeput or Vetiver smell like? But don’t worry, with an easy-to-use tool like a Fragrance Wheel, we are here to help you smell the scent of them all. The fragrance wheel allows you to view all the available options at one location. Let’s explore them.


The fresh family entails a sweet, calming aroma like that of basil, chamomile, and thyme. In contrast, green fragrances encompass the uplifting fragrance of lemongrass, juniper berry, and chamomile. These essences are natural purifiers that are used when diluted or topically on achy muscles.


Many essential oils are widely known for their medicinal properties against cough and chest cold, for example, eucalyptus and tea tree. Moreover, such fragrances also stand beneficial for respiratory problems, aching muscles and joints, and mental focus. Similarly, the tea tree is a primitive skincare ingredient that eases irritation and redness. Aside from that, it is used in shampoos and homemade cleaning products for a stronger and refreshing aroma.


Some of the most popular options to fill this section of the wheel are lavender, rose, and jasmine. Their main purpose is to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Sweet floral scents are a bit less flowery. For instance, Ylang Ylang, which is used in perfumes and mixed with a carrier oil to create a relaxing and romantic essence.


Black pepper, garlic, allspice, and ginger are some spicy kitchen essentials that are generally overlooked as a source of fragrances. But those who recognize them choose them for their spicy, warm, and powerful scents. For instance, clove bud oil permeates a rich, warm smell and can also be diluted and used as an effective home cleaner. Another one is ginger root, which can be diluted to use topically on the aching muscles that accompany aging.


This family oozes a freshly-tilled plot of farmland, a quaint forest of pine trees, and an earthy smell of autumn leaves. And oils like helichrysum and vetiver make a part of such a woody fragrance. Their main agenda is to boost your immune function, soothe your emotions, bring relaxation and balance, and encourage sleep, meanwhile gravitating you towards the scent of trees, barks, and earth.


Something like grapefruit and lemon, which brightens your mood and eases your mental fatigue, marks this fresh fruity family. On the other hand, the lesser-known but appealing bergamot or chamomile that are also vibrant and uplifting make part of the sweet fruity family.


Be it peppermint or spearmint; mint family key essential oils are renowned for their menthol content and unique cooling effect on the skin. They are meant to promote alertness, relieve headaches, enhance digestive function, improve concentration, and relieve queasiness or bloating in children.


Two familiar favorites of this family are coffee and vanilla. The coffee scent is invigorating and warm that is great to awaken the senses in the morning. At the same time, vanilla possesses a rich fragrance and is safe for kids. It promotes relaxation and calmness with its warm and inviting aroma.


When you want to feel down to earth, try some earthy essential oils like Frankincense and Myrrh. Frankincense is steam-distilled from the tree sap of Boswellia trees and offers a green, balsamic, lemon-wood scent, which is perfect for meditation and comfort. Myrrh has a dry, resinous amber-wood aroma that creates a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere when diffused.


For a fresh and evergreen scent, you can choose balsam fir, which is an excellent choice for calming overworked muscles and joints and balancing emotions. And for earthy green fragrance, try carrot seed that has a distinctive aroma of wood, earth, slight spices, and herbaceous. It is used to promote relaxation, aid digestive and respiratory systems, and rejuvenate and moisture tired skin.

Having read that, figuring out which Young Living essential oils scent you like the most will not be a tedious job. In fact, you will familiarize yourself with some new and unexpected favorites as a result.

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