Powerful Juices to Drink to Boost Your Immunity System When You’re Sick


The immune system is active; it identifies which cells belong to the body and which cells are not. Meaning, the immunity system needs a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins to keep the energy going.

The below recipes are packed with the necessary nutrients to keep you healthy every day and to help fight against cold and flu. Know which immunity-boosting nutrients that each of juice has so you can begin your morning with a refreshing dosage of the body’s natural defense.

Reminder, before drinking any of these juices, you must visit Cranbourne medical centre, and talk to your physician about your current health condition, ask if she or he will allow you to drink one.

1. Orange and Grapefruit

Orange and grapefruit have antioxidants and essential properties that give protection to your cells from unwanted substances that can damage your body. The antioxidants that are present on these fruits are called “Vitamin C.”

Vitamin C deficiency can cause delayed wound healing, impaired immune response, and inability to naturally fight infections. Luckily, a glass of orange and grapefruit smoothies contains the amount of your daily intake of vitamin C.

2. Strawberry Kiwi Mint Smoothies

Aside from the orange and grapefruit, both kiwis and strawberries are rich in vitamin C. Though, you’ll need about four cups of strawberries to create one cup of juice, you can blend kiwi and strawberry into a smoothie to save you from spending a lot. You can also add Greek yogurt since it is an excellent source of probiotics and magnesium. Moreover, probiotics help the cells to keep and maintain the antimicrobial barrier.

3. Spinach, Kale, and Lettuce

This vegetable-based green juice is a powerful natural remedy that is full-packed with essential nutrients that can boost the immune system. This juice is perfect for children who have a weak immune system, though it’s green and it might not taste good, you can add milk or honey to make it flavorful.

You can also add parsley on it to give an extra dosage of vitamin B6. This vitamin can help to enhance immune cell proliferation and antibody production.

4. Homemade Tomato Juice

The perfect way to make sure that your tomato juice is fresh and doesn’t contain any preservative or other chemicals is to make it yourself. You can create this juice even without a blender. Cut the tomatoes in small bits and pieces and strain it down to a glass.

Tomato is an excellent source of folate, which can help to lower the risk of acquiring infections.

5. Apple and Orange Juice

Apple and orange, when combined, can give you loaded of essential nutrients and vitamins to help your body to have protection against infections. Simply blend these two powerful fruits in a blender; you can add Greek yogurt or milk if you want a little sweetness on it.

This juice or smoothie is a perfect early boost in the morning to keep you energize and healthy throughout the whole day.

Make Your Immune System Strong

Blending these juices, nutritional smoothies, and drinks is a great alternative way to make yourself and your family healthy. However, no matter what kind of juices that you like, you can add superfoods like wheat germ or chia seeds to bring additional health benefits.

Also, don’t forget to keep the immune system strong by keeping yourself hydrated, good hygiene, and exercising frequently.

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