Introducing Anavar, The Most Popular Steroid For Women


If you have been spending more and more time in the gym to improve your physique, you probably already heard from other gym-goers the steroid, Anavar. Well, this product is very popular for all the right reasons. In fact, this is considered as the most popular steroid for women. So for those female fitness models and bodybuilding competitors who want to get their physique ready, consider Anavar!

Anavar For Women, Is It For You Too?

If you go Buy Anavar online, you will probably wonder why it is a very well known steroid worldwide. One of the reasons why Anavar is popular in women is because it is one of the mildest steroids compared to the others in the market. It’s anabolic: androgenic ratio is 45:320. Remember that the higher the anabolic: androgenic ratio is, the greater the chance to experience virilization.

Anavar And Virilization In Women

Virilization is when the female will start to develop male characteristics such as male pattern baldness, deep voice, development of body hair, and changes in facial structures. With the numbers provided above, this means that Anavar has the lowest ratings amongst other steroids.

The virilization symptoms are the most dreaded by many women who use steroids. You would also want to avoid these at all costs. When women use Anavar, the chance for suffering from virilization is low. But remember that if you go overboard with your recommended dosage (5 to 10mgs a day), your risk of virilization will also increase. These side effects are heavily dosage dependent.

Benefits Of Anavar For Women

Anavar is one of the best compounds for women. It can take conditioning to the next level. Women who join bodybuilding contests use Anavar as contest preps. This is because Anavar can help them harden the muscles and also increase lean muscle mass. If you know Winstrol, Anavar is its safer and weaker version. Click now to know more about them.

Aside from conditioning and muscle mass, Anavar can also increase the users’ strength levels. It will also not make your body hold water which is great for preserving your muscles during your caloric deficits. Anavar does not aromatize which makes it very appealing to women. As mentioned above it is weaker compared to other steroids making it less hepatoxic. With Anavar, you do not need injections since it is taken orally.

Safe Anavar Dosage For Women

If you think you are ready to take your body goals to the next level with Anavar, then it is important that you know the safe dosage recommendations of this steroid specifically for women. The accepted dosage for women is around 5 to 20 mgs. If you exceed this number, it can result in virilization and that is what you want to avoid. Just stick to the recommended dosage to avoid any adverse effects.

Anavar Dosage For Beginners

For beginners, start with small dosages, like 5mg a day. Take note of how your body responds to the product. If you think you like what you feel, you can gradually increase the dosage as you build your dose. Remember that Anavar kicks in fast and you will be seeing your results in no time. So what are you waiting for? Give Anavar a try today and take your fitness goals to the next level!

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