Health Benefits That Pearl Powder Offers


Pearls were highly sought after due to their iridescent beauty but only very few know that pearls also possess a powerful healing as well as health-boosting properties, which can create almost the mirror image about their radiance within your body.

Besides using pearls as jewelry item, you can also grind them into fine powder for your internal use and this secret was long known to people of ancient China.

Besides using this gemstone for making pearl necklace, pearls can also be used as medicine and it can offer following health benefits.


After experimenting on animals as well as on humans, it was seen that pearl powder can effectively increase the lifespan as it has number of antioxidants and also biochemicals that can help in increasing longevity and also overall health.

Skin health and also bone generation

Many scientists found that powder of pearl contains a special substance which is called nacre and this can cause regeneration of osteoblasts and fibroblasts. These are necessary for formation of our new skin, bone tissue and collagen.

Besides that, pearls nacre can also make your body stronger.

Calming and relaxing

Pearls have been used for producing calming effects for many years. They can help in relieving our stress, improving mood, soothing the nervous system and promotes deeper sleep.

Besides that, its calcium content can elevate GABA level of our brain that can reduce our anxiety and also chronic stress.

Spiritually activating tonic

Pearl is also known for offering legendary shen tonic which is a traditional Chinese Medicine.

The word shen literally means “god” or “spirit” in Mandarin and also believed to be kind of energy in our body which regulates our mind, emotions, and also our connection with our higher aspects.

Improves intelligence

Another greatest benefit of the pearl powder is that it can affect our brain and mind in incredible manner and Chinese scientists found by using pearl powder IQ of children can be improved.

Rich in nutrients

The supplements of pearl powder are also a very rich source of few hard-to-get nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, along with few other essential minerals like strontium, copper, titanium, selenium and silicon.

Also, it is a complete protein, and suppy all eight necessary amino acids which are helpful for us.

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