Erectile Dysfunction: a dietary supplement to prevent them


Erectile dysfunction would disrupt the sexual life of almost after forty. This erectile disorder is characterized by difficulty in having or maintaining an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. These sexual breakdowns are poorly experienced on a daily basis by the men. However, these erectile disorders worried 76% of men, but only a minority dares to talk about it, revealed a recent study for the laboratory Lily. Blockages that are a barrier to treatment since only 4% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction make sure to treat themselves.


Even occasional erectile dysfunction can cause anxiety before each sexual intercourse, a (slight) depression, a lack of self – confidence and a deterioration of the relationship. That is why it is important and advisable to treat erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular risk an increased frequency of erection breakdowns, however mild, may indicate a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and premature mortality, according to a study published in February 2013. And the risk increases with the degree of severity of erectile dysfunction. “The results of this study indicate that any man suffering from mild, moderate or severe erection problems should consult a doctor without delay and insist on having cardiac examinations,” said Dr. Rob Grenfell, an Australian Institute official. Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Health who conducted this study. “The risk of developing cardiovascular disease and premature death increases with the degree of severity of erectile dysfunction in men with or without a history of cardiovascular disease,” said Emily Banks of the Australian National University. “We determined in this research that erectile dysfunction is linked to a greater risk of heart attack of heart failure, vascular disease and electrical problems of the heart,” said Emily Banks. Failure to erect is therefore not a cardiovascular risk but a possible sign (symptom) of cardiovascular disorders. The doctor will then have to make complete examinations to look for a possible cardiac or vascular disease. Study of 2018

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, showed that men with erectile dysfunction, with no emotional cause but of vascular origin, were twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease as a myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death or stroke that man without erectile dysfunction. In this study, the researchers followed for 4 years the heart health of approximately 1’900 men aged 60 to 78 years with and without erectile dysfunction of vascular origin. One possible conclusion related to this study might be that erectile dysfunction may be as a clinical sign of cardiovascular disorders. This means that men who have erectile dysfunction should visit a doctor regularly, including a cardiologist, in particular to act in prevention.


To regain a fulfilling sex life and prevent the anxiety related to a bad erection, the food supplement Lovshaker offers a course of 3 months. With one pouch per day for 6 days and 1 to 2 taken per week for 3 months, this oral solution has a good chocolate taste. It is composed of stimulating ingredients or antioxidants such as zinc, apple, kola nut, red grape or cocoa whose synergy will play as a libido booster. In addition to increasing sexual desire, Lovshaker helps to improve erectile abilities and to promote spermatogenesis, that is, the production and quality of spermatozoa.

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